Monday, 22 July 2013

Flames of War Club Nights

Battlefront HQ Club Nights

Open every Thursday from 5.30pm - 9.30pm.

Games Played: Flames of War, Dust Tactics,

Number of Players: 20+

Number of Tables: Most nights we have between 7-10 gaming tables.

We will be running Round Robin Leagues and campaigns in the upcoming months. 

Every couple of months we will be running New Recruit Saturdays where players that have never played before or are new to Flames of War can pop down and learn how to play.
So if you are local to Nottingham and want to come down then drop Gareth an email:

Club Address:

Battlefront Miniatures Europe Ltd
Unit 4C Tissington Close

Monday, 8 July 2013

European Grand Tournament - Tickets shipping

Tickets Shipping

For all those players that have purchased their tickets already they started leaving in the post on Friday, so should be hitting the doorstep very shortly.

Team Finland are booked and a total of 8 players so far making the journey. Look forward to seeing the standard of painting from them year as last years was excellent.

For those still to buy their tickets make sure that you get your ticket ordered before they disappear.

Later on this week will start looking at the terrain and building up the tables...

Once the army lists start to come in I will start updating the Runners and Riders



Final Builds for Adolf Don't Surf

This lunch time I put some of the finishing touches to my army build for Adolf Don't Surf on the 27th-28th July.

2 Hogs and 1 M113 ACAV, once everything is fully ready for spraying I will get a full army shot taken and then some work in progress.

Looking at my list agian whilst away on holiday certainly means that I have a very mobile and fast moving army. So tactically I am hoping this will enable me to bring the considerable firepower from the M113 ACAVs to where it is needed before the PAVN player get a foothold on the battlefield. Hopefully I can get a couple of test games in before the weekend. Or it might come down to live fire at the event:)

More updates to follow......