Wednesday, 15 May 2013

European Grand Tournament 2013

European Grand Tournament 2013
Late War
21st-22nd September

This years European Grand Tournament will be on the 21st-22nd of September, and will be held at TableTop Nation.

Yes this will be our third venue in 3 years, but with 'The Eye of the Storm' closing earlier this year it gave us no option to find another venue. We searched around the local area to put on the event so it was still central in the country, but with the size of space that we need to hold the event, too many venues where out of the running.

Tabletop Nation has now been open for a year with a dedicated gaming venue with a store and bar attached. With space for over 70 gaming tables and with more space to come in the future.We ran the Mid- War Tournament earlier this year at TTN to dry run the venue. There were a couple of small issues which will be easily rectified. I am looking forward to running the European Grand Tournament and welcoming the players to the Tabletop Nation.

With the change in venue, I will be putting up some posts on the easiest routes, accommodation, and some other items that I have been working on.



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