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Vietnam- Adolf Don't Surf

Adolf Don't Surf
27th-28th July

A tournament of two halves.....

Picture ...two periods...disparate but linked by a desire to succeed!

The early part of WW2 - stretching from the Blitzkrieg attacks into Poland and then into France to the early desert conflicts in North Africa.

 Picture .....Vietnam. A lengthy conflict involving several nations where as ever the biggest loser was the civilian population of the war torn southern part of the country.
This is going to be my first playing tournament of the year, been missing events that I really wanted to attend due to real life and work commitments. I have always been interested in the Vietnam War through watching movies and reading books on the subject, and I was looking for a new painting project so perfect timing.

On reading through the book I was really taken with Operation Lam Son 719 and the actions that took place. reading through the lists, I was not really taken with a heavy tank based army as it would feel like I am just painting another World War II army. So I have chosen to take a list from Chi Doan Thiet KY (Armoured Cavalry Squadron)

So with much listing writing and mistakingly thinking I could take slicks for my Infantry for fast mobilization i finally decided on my list. 

2 M113 with M74C turrets & 1 M113 ACAV          120pts

Combat Platoons

5 M113 ACAV(1 with M$) 106mm)                        220pts

5 M113 ACAV(1 with M$) 106mm)                        220pts

Weapons Platoons

5 M41A3 Walker Bulldogs                                      275pts

3 M125(81mm)                                                       115 pts

3 M132 Zippo                                                         90pts

Divisional Support Platoons

2 UH-1B Hog                                                          150pts

1 Medevac UH-1D Slick                                          10pts

3 Infantry Squads Airborne Division                          145pts

3 Infantry Squads Airborne Division                          145pts

Total                                                                         1490pts

I have taken full units of the combat platoons as I am always a firm believer in taking the full number allowed in a list if the points allow it, and I think each platoon supporting the Infantry as they make their way towards the objectives. The mortars are there to give some long range firing options with ability to smoke, and they can also drop rounds at a minmum distance of 4 inches so really themeatic of the period once the NVA got in close. The Walker Bulldogs are there just in case and tanks show up on the table, The Hogs well we all know and love the scene from Apocalypse Now so just had to take some Gunshipsso 2 Hogs are in my army, along with a Medvac Helicopter

Next post should include some pictures of progress so far.......

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